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Scottish Highland farms to yarns

Loom Waste Weaving

There are many fibres that can be used in peg-loom weaving, but a very interesting fibre or rather textile is the selvedge from weaving throws, scarf’s and many other types of commercial textile weaving. These selvedges are cut away from the looms and are a by-product of the textile industry. These selvedges are very interesting in weaving, in particular when used on a peg-loom. This very basic loom is easily warped up with cotton threads and the loom waste selvedge is woven in and out of the pegs to create a weft.

Now its time to create, rugs, cushions, seat pads and so it goes on.

It is so simple, quick and creative. A peg-loom is a very basic form of weaving, without the need for any expensive equipment.

Knitted Cushion Cover Loom Waste Weaving

Woven rug

Knitted floor cushion