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Scottish Highland farms to yarns


Patterns for these items are available free when the yarn to make them is purchased, or you can buy a pattern on its own.  It will be e-mailed to you on receipt of payment, so please remember to give us your e-mail address

Pale Hat Pattern Closh Hat Sari Silk Wrap Green/Blue Seaweed Scarf Lace Scarf-Purple Fun Socks





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Roll Brim Hat  - chunky yarn or pencil rovings 200gms

Cloche Hat - chunky yarn or pencil rovings 200gms

Sari Silk Wrap - 200gms sari yarn

Seaweed Scarf - double knitting yarn, 50-100gms depending on length of scarf

Silk Lace Scarf - 50gms laceweight silk - sample in handspun

Fun Socks - double knitting yarn 150gms.  Pattern detail: peach socks, blue / purple socks

Jester Vest -  double knitting yarn 300gms

heritagescarf2 sm.jpg

Heritge Scarf - 150gms aran weight

Free pattern download

hop-scotchscarf2.JPG kiltsocks.jpg

Kilt Socks - aran or chunky 300gms

teacosysmall.jpg teacosymed.jpg

Aran Tea Cosy - aran weight yarn 100gms