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Scottish Highland farms to yarns

Pirn Spinning

Spinning on a pirn or weaving bobbin is something you can do anywhere. You work close to your body, adding twist by allowing the bobbin to rotate in your hand while “winding” the fibre with the other hand.  

Step 1: Draft out some fibre, and wind gently onto the pirn (hold the pirn in your left hand and wind away from your body).  If you are working with short fibres add some twist first.

Step 2: hold the fibre close to where it is wound on the pirn, and false wind, allowing the pirn to rotate in your hand.  This builds up twist.

pirn1.jpg pirn2.jpg pirn3.jpg pirn4.jpg pirn5.jpg pirn6.jpg

Pirn and fibre ready to start

Step 3: without releasing the twist, draft out more fibre

Step 4: allow the twist to run into the drafted fibre

Step 5: wind on the spun fibre ready to start again