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Scottish Highland farms to yarns

Weaving on the move

Most of us have them. We have all been there at the craft show and bought bought a set of  weaving sticks - inexpensive and alluring! We come home with great plans to use them., but they end up in a drawer.

Why not slip your weaving sticks in your handbag. Ready and willing to easily weave your spindle spun singles. Join lengths of loosely woven singles to form a 10 inch wide scarf. Add a fringe and you have another little treasure to be proud of.

Weaving sticks

Woven Scarf Weaving Sticks Peg Loom

A larger version can be done on a peg loom. Which once again I am sure some of us have tucked away. Join up the centre for about a third to create an unusual neck wrap. This is all possible while stuck on a bus, train or plane. Use sparkle yarns as a warp for that extra something.

Peg Loom